Help us “Serve” our local heroes on the 4th of July! As seen in the DNJ


*Our sign up list is now full but we need your help to grow our list! Check out the link and see what places we can add! Call or txt 615-796-8001 to have us add a location*

Hi! My name is Tairra Gofourth. I am the founder of The Cupcake Crew and Club YES! This 4th of July will be the 5th year anniversary of “The Cupcake Crew”! Five years ago a group of friends got together to make sure the people who risk their lives every day for us knew they were appreciated. It quickly grew! Two weeks after their first “serve” they were featured on local news and about 2 years later they were on National News! As a group we organized huge community service projects for schools and groups as a way for children to get involved in the community and honor local heroes. The Cupcake Crew is not as active now because “Club YES!” is a 24/7 charity for me but we keep our 4th of July tradition and we need you to make it bigger and better this year! Here is what we do:

On the morning of 4th of July around the same time, groups all around Middle Tennessee will be “serving” every local fire station, EMS station, Paramedic, PD Department, Dispatch Office and Veterans Home that we can! What does it mean to “serve” them. We have adopted the term “You got served” as a way to literally serve them with delicious cupcakes and hand decorated cake boxes that express our love and gratitude for what they do for our communities. Please check out The Cupcake Crew or Club YES! Facebook pages for lots of picture examples!

How you and your family and friends can get involved:

1. sign up for one or more locations you will visit the morning of 4th of July

2. The night before or morning of bake at least 2 dozen cupcakes/goodies per station you plan to visit.

3. To hold your beautiful cupcakes please purchase a white cake box and bottom insert. These can be found at hobby lobby, walmart, etc.

4. IMPORTANT! On the boxes please write “The Cupcake Crew” and “You Got Served” some where on the top of the box then use the rest of the space to wite words and messages of love and inspiration. Sign it too! let your kids draw pictures!

5. get your friends, small group or church group involved to make it a fun day for everyone!

6. dont be shy! We are pretty much expected now in Murfreesboro, but we like to wear our red white and blue, be fun and exciting! We like to tell them that they “Got Served” and we appreciate everything they do. Take pics! Give hugs! Have fun with it and be creative!

7. Dont say you can go to a location and then NOT do it. If something comes up please notify us right away so we can fill that spot.

Thank you so much!


*Please note, if you would like to “serve” a station or place not on this list, please let us know and we will add it!*



Help feed a local hungry child for Summer break! 2014

summer feeding program

It’s hard to think of children going hungry here in Middle Tennessee, especially when we have programs like the Rutherford Summer Feeding program where any child 18 or under can go to a local school and get a free meal. But let me give you a little insight into the BIG picture and why too many children are forgotten. The children who are in the most need of programs like the Rutherford Summer Feeding Program cannot make it there. All too often we see many different circumstances that prevent children from getting to places that can feed them. We see all kinds of stories from families not having transportation to families are struggling with issues like drugs or alcohol and are not in the mind set of helping these children get to feeding programs. It breaks my heart to know that children are forgotten and going hungry during Summer Break which should be one of the most fun experiences of a child’s year. Together we can fill that gap! With the help of school counselors, social workers and our volunteers we find the children who face these issues. We then go shopping for them and deliver food to them each week to ensure they are full, happy and if there are any other needs we can help with those too! They do not need to get to another location. We can take it right to the child whether it is a motel room, campsite, car, etc. Along with the food we can give small toys, activities, prayer, on the spot children’s bible studies and most of all LOVE. This effort cannot happen if we do not have the support of our community! I went shopping today and for a little less then $16 I was able to get a modest amount that would feed a child for a week. We will need quite a bit to feed these children for Summer break which starts May 22. Please help our efforts and make a donation or simply share this information with your friends! Click on the donate link on our website or you can contact Tairra at 615-796-8001 and send a check payable to Club YES.

Operation Christmas Cheer! Dec. 25, 2013

iStock_000015421775XSmall On Christmas morning our Club YES volunteers have a wonderful tradition that they would like you to be a part of! We will be loading up our vehicles with toys, meals and necessities and surprising homeless youth currently living in Murfreesboro motels!We started this last year on a small scale and the kids we met at one local motel would have otherwise had no toys or any “real meal” that day. There is no reason for that to happen! We can change that….TOGETHER! We need your help! Here are some of the items we need donated to make this happen! If you cant donate please invite your friends, share with couponers you know and spread the word for us. Thank you!
Items needed:

*A “real Santa to help us deliver from 9-11:30 am on Christmas morning!

*New unwrapped toys for boys and girls (things good for small spaces and all ages)

*Gently used hand help games systems like game boy advance with games (Game Trader is a great place to get these and will discount you a price if you tell them whats its for. We prefer the kind that re-change with a cord and not batteries if possible)

*new socks, gloves, hats

*Non-pershable food and snack items (we are packing food boxes)

*Turkeys, hams, potatoes, gravy and other food we can use to cook meals

*new coloring books and crayons

*Candy Canes

*tooth paste and tooth brushes and soap

Please call or txt Tairra at 615-796-8001 for more info/questions. Thanks!

Face Book Invite

Oct. 20th-Help for the Homeless Benefit – Music, Food and more!


Join us October 20th at 2pm! Georgia’s Sports bar and Grill in Smyrna.

  • Live Music and great food! Portion of sales goes to Club YES!
  • Claim artwork painted by local homeless/in need children at our silent auction. Money raised goes directly to the child artist for what they need most!
  • Adopt a child not on any other program like Angel Tree for Christmas and receive their “letter to Santa” at the event!

This event is 21 and up. Hosted by SNS Pro Audio, American Shuttle and Taxi and Georgia’s Sports Bar and Grill. If you would like to volunteer or have any questions please contact Tairra at 615-796-8001. See you there!

Easter YES Fest March 23rd. We need your help!

he-is-risen We are very excited to share the love of Jesus with others for Easter. We meet families and children who do not have much faith in God and because of the circumstances they are in may even be angry with God. We are thrilled that we can help lead other back to Christ. For Easter YES Fest we are so thankful that a local church has offered us their buildings for March 23rd. We will be busing families and children who do not have transportation to the church. We will have a worship concert preformed by the lovely Miss Kristina Craig, prayer,  a Resurrection egg hunt and a big feast! Families will also get to sign up for bible studies if they choose to. We are so thankful for those who are able to come and volunteer for this wonderful event. If you are unable to attend and volunteer in person please consider making a monetary donation to help us purchase food and supplies. You can make a tax deductible donation by clicking on the donate button and using our paypal account. If you can volunteer we are looking for prayer warriors, people to serve food, people to stuff and hide eggs, etc.  Thank you! Please call or txt Tairra for more information at 615-796-8001.

Please help us celebrate the birthday of a young victim in Murfreesboro, TN

Unfortunately there are some very sick individuals in this world. We are constantly in a battle with evil and when we were recently contacted by the mother of a 6 year old here in Murfreesboro I was brought to tears with her story and it will haunt me for the rest of my life. The child’s privacy is very important to us so we will only say that he was victim to a very traumatic crime that I would hate for anyone to go through especially a young child. Because they lived with the monster that abused this child the mother and her two children are now living in a shelter. This child is about to celebrate his 6th birthday and we want to do something special! He really wants a Chuck E Cheese party and him and his 4 year old sister are the only kids at the shelter without a bike so we need your help! We need donations to help us cover pizza, drinks, tokens and a bike. If you can help please click on the donate button to make a donation to our paypal account or if you are local I would be happy to pick up a donation. Thank you for your help!

1,000 homeless youth in Murfreesboro Schools. WHAT WE PLAN TO DO ABOUT IT

When the founder of our group was first contacted right before Thanksgiving 2012, by a friend who worked at a local elementary school she was shocked with what she was told. That particular school had 49 children who were considered homeless and Murfeesboro had about 1,000 total. That is not counting children who are too young for school. A person is considered homeless if they are without permanent residence which can mean, hotel/motel, car, campsite, temporarily living with a friend or on the street. For most of these children this means living in broken down motels. She was told that when asked for Christmas what these kids wanted a lot of them responded with “time with someone” and did not ask for things. She knew something had to be done and quickly contacted her friends using the wonders of social media! The word was put out and in the short 4 weeks our group has been together we have over 100 members, helped provide Thanksgiving meals for families, help provide school supplies for teachers, Adopted 47 children for Christmas, Match 6 children with mentors, get 20 children sponsored to attend the school extended care program through donations, pack food boxes for Christmas break, host a Christmas Party Extravaganza, collect donations of clothing, shoes and supplies, home cook and hand deliver full Christmas dinners and gifts to families on Christmas eve and Christmas day and more! We do not take any credit for any thing that has been accomplished but rather we praise God and give him all credit for all the good works we have seen accomplished in order to help these precious children. We are excited to be a part of this wonderful group and to see how the Holy Spirit has worked in a few short week. We cannot wait to see what the new year has in store.