Help us “Serve” our local heroes on the 4th of July! As seen in the DNJ


*Our sign up list is now full but we need your help to grow our list! Check out the link and see what places we can add! Call or txt 615-796-8001 to have us add a location*

Hi! My name is Tairra Gofourth. I am the founder of The Cupcake Crew and Club YES! This 4th of July will be the 5th year anniversary of “The Cupcake Crew”! Five years ago a group of friends got together to make sure the people who risk their lives every day for us knew they were appreciated. It quickly grew! Two weeks after their first “serve” they were featured on local news and about 2 years later they were on National News! As a group we organized huge community service projects for schools and groups as a way for children to get involved in the community and honor local heroes. The Cupcake Crew is not as active now because “Club YES!” is a 24/7 charity for me but we keep our 4th of July tradition and we need you to make it bigger and better this year! Here is what we do:

On the morning of 4th of July around the same time, groups all around Middle Tennessee will be “serving” every local fire station, EMS station, Paramedic, PD Department, Dispatch Office and Veterans Home that we can! What does it mean to “serve” them. We have adopted the term “You got served” as a way to literally serve them with delicious cupcakes and hand decorated cake boxes that express our love and gratitude for what they do for our communities. Please check out The Cupcake Crew or Club YES! Facebook pages for lots of picture examples!

How you and your family and friends can get involved:

1. sign up for one or more locations you will visit the morning of 4th of July

2. The night before or morning of bake at least 2 dozen cupcakes/goodies per station you plan to visit.

3. To hold your beautiful cupcakes please purchase a white cake box and bottom insert. These can be found at hobby lobby, walmart, etc.

4. IMPORTANT! On the boxes please write “The Cupcake Crew” and “You Got Served” some where on the top of the box then use the rest of the space to wite words and messages of love and inspiration. Sign it too! let your kids draw pictures!

5. get your friends, small group or church group involved to make it a fun day for everyone!

6. dont be shy! We are pretty much expected now in Murfreesboro, but we like to wear our red white and blue, be fun and exciting! We like to tell them that they “Got Served” and we appreciate everything they do. Take pics! Give hugs! Have fun with it and be creative!

7. Dont say you can go to a location and then NOT do it. If something comes up please notify us right away so we can fill that spot.

Thank you so much!


*Please note, if you would like to “serve” a station or place not on this list, please let us know and we will add it!*


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