Help feed a local hungry child for Summer break! 2014

summer feeding program

It’s hard to think of children going hungry here in Middle Tennessee, especially when we have programs like the Rutherford Summer Feeding program where any child 18 or under can go to a local school and get a free meal. But let me give you a little insight into the BIG picture and why too many children are forgotten. The children who are in the most need of programs like the Rutherford Summer Feeding Program cannot make it there. All too often we see many different circumstances that prevent children from getting to places that can feed them. We see all kinds of stories from families not having transportation to families are struggling with issues like drugs or alcohol and are not in the mind set of helping these children get to feeding programs. It breaks my heart to know that children are forgotten and going hungry during Summer Break which should be one of the most fun experiences of a child’s year. Together we can fill that gap! With the help of school counselors, social workers and our volunteers we find the children who face these issues. We then go shopping for them and deliver food to them each week to ensure they are full, happy and if there are any other needs we can help with those too! They do not need to get to another location. We can take it right to the child whether it is a motel room, campsite, car, etc. Along with the food we can give small toys, activities, prayer, on the spot children’s bible studies and most of all LOVE. This effort cannot happen if we do not have the support of our community! I went shopping today and for a little less then $16 I was able to get a modest amount that would feed a child for a week. We will need quite a bit to feed these children for Summer break which starts May 22. Please help our efforts and make a donation or simply share this information with your friends! Click on the donate link on our website or you can contact Tairra at 615-796-8001 and send a check payable to Club YES.

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