Please help us celebrate the birthday of a young victim in Murfreesboro, TN

Unfortunately there are some very sick individuals in this world. We are constantly in a battle with evil and when we were recently contacted by the mother of a 6 year old here in Murfreesboro I was brought to tears with her story and it will haunt me for the rest of my life. The child’s privacy is very important to us so we will only say that he was victim to a very traumatic crime that I would hate for anyone to go through especially a young child. Because they lived with the monster that abused this child the mother and her two children are now living in a shelter. This child is about to celebrate his 6th birthday and we want to do something special! He really wants a Chuck E Cheese party and him and his 4 year old sister are the only kids at the shelter without a bike so we need your help! We need donations to help us cover pizza, drinks, tokens and a bike. If you can help please click on the donate button to make a donation to our paypal account or if you are local I would be happy to pick up a donation. Thank you for your help!

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