1,000 homeless youth in Murfreesboro Schools. WHAT WE PLAN TO DO ABOUT IT

When the founder of our group was first contacted right before Thanksgiving 2012, by a friend who worked at a local elementary school she was shocked with what she was told. That particular school had 49 children who were considered homeless and Murfeesboro had about 1,000 total. That is not counting children who are too young for school. A person is considered homeless if they are without permanent residence which can mean, hotel/motel, car, campsite, temporarily living with a friend or on the street. For most of these children this means living in broken down motels. She was told that when asked for Christmas what these kids wanted a lot of them responded with “time with someone” and did not ask for things. She knew something had to be done and quickly contacted her friends using the wonders of social media! The word was put out and in the short 4 weeks our group has been together we have over 100 members, helped provide Thanksgiving meals for families, help provide school supplies for teachers, Adopted 47 children for Christmas, Match 6 children with mentors, get 20 children sponsored to attend the school extended care program through donations, pack food boxes for Christmas break, host a Christmas Party Extravaganza, collect donations of clothing, shoes and supplies, home cook and hand deliver full Christmas dinners and gifts to families on Christmas eve and Christmas day and more! We do not take any credit for any thing that has been accomplished but rather we praise God and give him all credit for all the good works we have seen accomplished in order to help these precious children. We are excited to be a part of this wonderful group and to see how the Holy Spirit has worked in a few short week. We cannot wait to see what the new year has in store.

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